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As all contracting procedures are carried out through public tender, when new commercial opportunities become available, Aena will publish them on its website.

We deal directly with national, international and local brands, whether it be personally or through an operator specialising in airport restaurant services.Aena aims for the cuisine in our airports to be a reflection of the quality of Spanish cuisine itself, and to provide visitors and national passengers with a great and varied gastronomical experience up until the moment they board their flight.

We always aim to work with the best restaurant brands that are already established in the market, who offer new concepts and brands that are capable of surprising our customer, and we also aim to offer new business opportunities that are a reflection of the latest national and international trends in the restaurant industry.

Using the link above, brands can access current tenders, whenever they want, and decide whether to participate in a tender process at any time.


In figures

Commercial activity of restaurants in recent years

  • +110,000 m2

    of dedicated spaces



  • +350 sites

    in our airports