What is Aena Club?

Aena Club is our loyalty club, where each passenger can make the most of their time at the airport and choose the plan that best suits their needs.

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As a member of the club you’ll enjoy lots of advantages and benefits, such as:

Benefits in services provided by Aena

It is possible to enjoy discounts on parking services and VIP lounges as well as unlimited access to Premium WiFi.

Occasional discounts and promotions

In all airports, shops, restaurants, rent a car, etc. Including additional discounts on top of other benefits for being a club member.

Pay by mobile phone for parking

Where you’ll be able to pay for your stay in our car parks from your mobile phone, quickly, securely and without leaving your car.

Payment by registration parking service

Where, at the car park, the barrier will open automatically as you enter and exit, registering your arrival and departure, and the payment for your stay will be taken automatically.

Why as a company would I want to offer discounts through Aena Club?

Aena offers you the chance to work together with us to offer passengers a greater offer and discounts as club members, giving greater visibility to the company among current club members and potential new customers.

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