Marketplace and digital business agreements

Aena has a Marketplace where it provides passengers with a wide range of products and services to make their trip more complete, even before they arrive at the airport.

From the Marketplace, you can buy products and collect them at the airport, book flights, activities, experiences, etc., with the aim of enriching their experience.

The products and services are available both from the website and from the official Aena app, among other channels.

To provide passengers with a complete commercial offer, Aena offers companies the possibility of collaborating with us and including their products and services in the Marketplace, in order to provide customers with added value when they go on their trip.

Aena, via its Commercial Marketing and Digital Business Management department, wants to improve the commercial offer available over its digital channels.

For this reason, it is offering businesses that want to form part of Aena’s digital ecosystem the opportunity to sign agreements offering products/services that help to improve the passenger experience, give benefits to loyalty club members and can generate new revenue for Aena.

Contact information

All businesses interested in entering into an Agreement of this type that comply with the established requirements can contact Aena using the following email:


The general minimum requirements for the conclusion of agreements with Aena for the provision of services through its digital channels, of which Aena is the owner and whose scope of application covers all airports under its management, are as follows:
  • Explicit acceptance of the standard form of Business Agreement put forward by Aena.
  • Provide users of Aena’s loyalty club with an improvement (promotion/discount) that is of interest.
  • Accept payment of the commission proposed by Aena.
  • Payment of an initial warranty.
  • Give Aena access to the Dashboard or control system for sales and/or transactions.
  • Be up-to-date with payment in its business relations with Aena.

Visit the following web pages to find out more about the products included in our Marketplace:


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