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Madrid-Cuatro Vientos Airport presentation

Madrid-Cuatro Vientos Airport, the oldest of all Spanish airports, is located just eight kilometres from the city centre. It is a joint civil-military aerodrome used for general aviation flights.

At Cuatro Vientos, flying, pilot and cabin crew training schools can be found, along with State services (State Police Headquarters and State Traffic Office), and companies involved in airline work, maintenance, training of maintenance technicians, drone management, representatives-installers of aircraft manufacturers and equipment, associated service companies, and simulator work.

Close by, the Infante de Orléans Foundation can be found, dedicated to the maintenance, preservation and exhibition of old aircrafts. Its exhibitions are open the first Sunday of each month (except January and August). The Spanish Air Force Aeronautical and Astronautics Museum is also located nearby, and the Royal Spanish Flying Club.

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  • Passengers in 2023
  • 56,618
  • Operations in 2023
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